Targeting contactless discovery

Scan+Click is a new way of helping businesses get discovered by their customers, users, visitors and others using contactless QR codes. It's low cost, easy to use and accessible to businesses, digital agencies, developers & marketers of all sizes.

Founded by tech & sales entrepreneurs Steve Procter and Adam Evans, Scan+Click is applying a tried and tested business startup formula that takes expensive & seemingly complex technology and provides a new, refreshing and low-cost approach for use by all.

Existing contactless solutions

To date, contactless proximity services have been out of reach for all but the largest businesses and marketing agencies or those businesses with some technical knowledge.

Beacon & NFC technologies are still not fully supported on all mobile phone models and the potential market for these and QR codes has been allowed over a number of years to fester.

Contactless QR codes will rocket

Scan+Click's founders have spotted a market gap for contactless discovery. QR codes have been slow to evolve, but are now  fully supported on all recent mobile handsets by simply scanning codes using the phone's camera.

Scan+Click's simple and free browser-based service lets all mobile users receive locally-relevant information with a quick Scan and Click.

A fresh approach, dramatic cost-reduction and a simple self-service dashboard for businesses allows Scan+Click to open up contactless discovery, tracking and marketing for everyone and re-awaken the humble but powerful QR code.

Plus,... a pandemic beating formula

Scan+Click has been designed to make contactless QR code discovery and marketing accessible to all businesses. But events in 2020 have taken over and made such contactless discovery a much bigger necessity in today's new world.

Scan+Click has extended it's service to now incorporate VenuTrak©, our free tracking solution to support regional Test and Trace services.

Available for all customer-facing businesses,... restaurants + bars, cafes + coffee shops, visitor attractions, car dealerships, museums, art galleries, social clubs, libraries, kids play areas, shops + retailers, conferences, sporting venues, hotels and similar. Please get in touch  today for details.

The founding team

Steve Procter
Steve Procter
Co-founder + CTO

Steve is a successful tech entrepreneur & venture technologist and the brains behind the Scan+Click business idea & concept.

Having previously worked in a number of large software consultancies and in the City, and created 3 other internet startups, Steve brings over 30 years IT experience to Scan+Click.

Adam Evans
Adam Evans
Co-founder + Sales Director

Adam has over 25 years working with international businesses, developing high growth sales & business development strategies.

Specialising in working with tech start-ups, Adam is the marketing expert behind Scan+Click and brings immense talent to the business.